Yo mama joke generator ideas?


I know that the idea is a dum b joke, but that's what it is! the outcome is so random it's entertaining, and my generator is so weird and lame it's funny, that bit wasn't insulting the project, just explaining that even though it's a weird idea, it worked!
anyway, as none of you guys know yet (I published it 3 minutes ago) I made a yo momma joke generator, but ran out of ideas fast, I need people to come up with random nouns, verbs and adjectives that would work in a yo momma joke type scenario, it fits this format:

yo momma
is so (adjective)
that she (verb)
a (noun)

thanks for the help guys!


Please don't do this. In my opinion, yo mama jokes are puerile. Unless you change the name, like

You are a (random generates) bread fan.

I hope you understand, I didn't mean to harm you in any way.


Wow, that is pretty funny. It's so random that most of them actually make sense? :smiley: Anyway, I would not recommend making more because people could take it literal, and most yo momma jokes are innapropriate.


I'm keeping it clean and yes, they are very childish, middle school humor, it becomes funny how un-funny the joke is, "yo momma is so guava that she ate 'Murica" that actually happened to me... that kind of humor only comes from a randomness generator, not to mention that I specifically stated that it's just for laughs and that the jokes are definitely not to be taken seriously


so smart
that she created
a hole


Google yo mama jokes and make some clean if you want to use ones that aren't really clean.


duh! why didn't I think of that? thx @GiraffeProductions, a like for you!


Your welcome.
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