Yikes! I'm having technical issues!


Hi! Im having some problems. My last draft looks like my fuzzy draw and the one above has all the text but no code! And it won't let me open the bottom draft! Please help, I already emailed THT. @Liza?!

The one I can't get open...

And this one lost the code!


Oh no! Email them I guess
@Liza what's happening?


i think the last picture you mentioned must be the Code Red Glitch @Anonymous mentioned...


Yeah... It deleted itself sadly :frowning:


Last one was Code Red glitch, it happens with music


I didn't have any music in that game :frowning: it was an ultimate fuzzy drawing pad but it well, next time, I'll make it better :smiley:


Idk what the heck happened. But you should email them.