Yikes! Forum 🐜!



I’ve gotten more than 10 likes on 2 replies (check the "Drawing on iPad vs. paper topic) but I still don’t have the “Nice Reply” badge? Hello, authorities? Why is this happening?


Might be 15??? Not totally sure

Usually, these badges get awarded a few hours after the requirements are met


I checked the “Badges” tab … and I think I’ve had over 10 likes on those replies for a day or two.


Yeah, the forum is weird like that. I’ll go ahead and like your posts, too, to see if it changes anything


I went into more detail on another topic about this yesterday so I’m just going to copy and paste the link here:

I really hope a fix comes to this soon. It’s really annoying :(


It don’t work on the drawing topic. It probably isent a glitch


since I changed it back, you should get you’re badge show ;pp


yall report bugs at

official site, if u can, theyre the ones who update it, not tht


Love this title


you seem to be missing some css there my friend

also i read it as Yikes! Forum ant!




around the tags there should be a bluish outline thing


I think its cos mine is on mobile view?


ohh okay i see

ooh i like mobile view oo


Much oo


I noticed! I had ten likes but did not get nice reply!


It doesn’t happen if the topic is in Random Stuff. If you move it out of random stuff, then you will get it. If you move it back into random stuff, you will lose it again, and finally if yo move it back out you can never get it again.


Like others have said already, this seems like a weird bug, unfortunately and we probably have to wait until Discource, the company who codes and develops the forum base software, will fix this bug. You could report it to them unless this hasn’t been reported already like @memorablechickenyay said.


Urgh! Now it’s happening again with another badge. See, Nice Topic is for a topic with more than 10 likes. And you can get it multiple times. This topic has over 10 likes, yet I still have only 2 of Nice Topic … on two other topics.


I think its because this is in the random stuff catagorie