YIAY In Hopscotch! Chain game!



This is another chain topic! Here we will be doing YIAYs!

YIAY is a game that a YouTuber named jacksfilms came up with! It's really, really fun! His comments are usually jokes about bad day?, foreheads, or lightswitches, but on the Forum, I expect top nitch potatoes and real answers!

What is YIAY, you ask? Why, it's the strangest thing I've ever seen. Here's how it works!

Me: Yesterday I Asked You (random question).

People: Potato

Yeah, I expect that from you guys. Whatever! However, we'll start off with a question.

If you had any coding skill, what would it be?

Reply below with your answer, and maybe another question. Make sure to bold your questions!

is this confusing


I would be able to do sin and cos! (I can't do sin and cos)
if you had to chose from only coding or only drawing what one would you chose?


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I would be able to have better ideas!

@seawolfwerehorse I would use squares!

@PurpleDevil Coding! I love both, but coding is what Hopscotch is about.


Aww great you found one of my favorite YTers.


Really? Awesome! (I just sneezed and it hurt my ears.)