Yesterday Evening Live (YEL)



Hello everyone, and welcome to Yesterday Evening Live! This is where I will interview hopscotchers and talk about recent news in hopscotch and the forums. You can also ask me questions here. This show will run from 8:45 to 9:30 (central time) every Wednesday. If there is any change in the schedule, I will be sure to let you know. Feel free to ask me any questions!

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Today is Monday, you know that right??


Well, I just felt like announcing it today. Besides, I want everyone to be ready for it.


Oh. Good idea. I will maybe try and tune into this sometimes.


It's Tuesday afternoon :3


packs suitcases

Ready! wipes sweat off forehead


(Your in different time zones, for me it is Monday afternoon.)


Wow! You're both somewhat near the International Date Line, right?




Alright guys, I just realized that I'm going to be busy tomorrow, so I'm going to move the show to today for this week. Remember, it starts in 45 minutes.


Hello everyone and welcome to Yesterday Evening Live! It's the interactive talk show all about hopscotch! This week, our special guest is @MrHotdog64!





Uhh..... Do you ask me questions?


Yep! So let's start with the basics, for those who don't know you. How did you learn about HS?


Well it was on my school app store!

And my friends told me to get it I think...

I made something... and stopeed
Then back!
And the rest was non sen- More projects!


Interesting. And anyone else who's watching, feel free to join in the conversation.


So this is a question to everyone. How do you feel about the so called "dark ages"?





I think either liza will fix the fourm...
Everyone adapts. Good luck!


Huh what

Rn or the othr dark ages when no one had HS