Yes, Let's have a math competi.tion! (Notice! 2 more competing spots left!)


Math Competition!

Think you're good at math? Give this a try!

Yes, we are having a math competition! First of all we need 25 people to join the competitor team, and 3 to join the judges team. I will give the questions.


  1. I'll post the question list once everyone is ready
  2. When you answer the questions, put them in a hidden text when you post them
  3. The judges and I will correct the answers and we'll see who won

Want to Join?

Post in the comments below, and I'll add you on the list!
Also, on the third post, there is a poll to say what grade level math you are in

What about a prize?

Oh, yeah. A follow from me and the 3 judges and also a project of the winners choice! (Preferably a Super Mario Mini Game of some sort)

Who's ready?

Competitors: @DECODECO @BotanistGirl24 @ColorlessCanvas @Sweater @Valgo @Dylan329 @bluedogmc-official @RubyWolf1 @W-Healer @MudFlowerCat @Periwinkle_Dolphin @ValueGamesStudio @Artistic_cat @Candycane @MR.GAM3R @sophia71205 @Allyb @iPlazma @kenlauescuadro @WasIdealessHere @CreationsOfaNoob @WinningMonkey @Dolphin_coders
Judges: @DoughnutDog5 @ThatOneHopscotcher @Kosho

Mass Tag

Get the latest list here:

Test Will Start

A time will be given as soon as we have 16 competitors

Too many General Topics?
Who loves math?
Nerdy Maths topics [check 'em out here!]

n/a yet, sorry


Possibly Other Questions:

What Level math is this?

You will need to know basic algebra skills and geometry. You will also need to know prime numbers, relations between square numbers, factoring radicals and roots, exponential power towers (tetration), ect. (Lots of fun stuff)

Sorry, that might have scared you a bit, we are changing this up! When the math quiz starts, a series of quizzes will show up in the Question reply above this one. There will be different levels of math per quiz, so try the one you like!


  • Elementar.y or below
  • 6th Grade
  • Algebra(s)
  • Geometry
  • Trig/Pre Calc
  • Calculus
  • I know a lot (or willing to risk it), give me everything!!



I will join
I'm really good at math though


Hey I can be a judge.


Maybe 8th grade math? 🤷‍♀️
Or Different grade levels for each grade?


Great Idea. I love it!


Sure, that sounds great!
I think different levels would keep it fair


Im in 6th grade and im doin 8th grade math


You can add "what grade are you in?" In the form!


Same! LOL


I'm in fifth grade and I learned algebra in fourth grade


Yeah, I'll add a poll


YESSSSSSS!!!! I'm a judge


What grade are you in?
What grade are you learning?


Uh, I think that's personal info.


Oh, im screwed lol


No, not really. It's a 1/5 chance (about) that someone shares your grade here.


That isn't personal info
Personal info is like what school you go to and what you look like


Okay, just checking.