Yes I am back for a while



So I left and I really was begged to come back by friends and stuff... I will try to be my best and be strong!:sweat:

If you want me to stay for a long time just say! If you want me to leave then do the same.


Whoops! Looks like you made two topics! In the future, try to only make one to keep the forum un-cluttered!

So glad you are back!


As I said before, glad your back! But there was no need to make another topic about it :wink: Why don't you recycle this topic for another time?


Sorry, I accidentally did that.



Remeber there's another post about this! Try keeping the forum less cluttered and recycling the topic


It's ok @Dancer101 :)


Sorry about the two post. My iPad started getting glitches


Yay! Your back your back! I missed you so much! :smile::tada: