Yellowdragon's General Topic


Hi everyone! This is my general topic! (inspired by all the people who did general topics)

Here I will do Q&A, post my art, chat. You know, the normal stuff.
(and make a jelly cat army)


This is a jelly cat. (His name is Squish)


Hello YD! I never knew you had a forum account!


Cough @tankt2016 and @MiracleShoutouts


How much do you like Hopscotch (from a scale of 1 to 10)


I'd rate it probably a 5-6 it is good but there's so much h8 and b.ullying ;-;


Wait Yellow Dragon you have an account?! I'm confused..


Yep :3 I have an account


Wow I didn't even knew that until @KawaiiOaktree3 put it in her Bio XD


Btw do you see the regular by me :smiley:


No, I didn't see the regular, I'll go look for it.


Did you draw your pfp?

Also I play Animal Jam too :DDD


It is below my name


You play aj too?! light rises down and no I didn't :C I wish I could draw like that


I can't find it though.


C: that's fine, what's ur username? I'm XxRiverclancatxX


I'm Gamersaurus :smiley: I have a artic fox on rn


It says Regular next to her username like mine


Lol okay, I lost my membership tho ;-; I used to have a spike ;-;


For @Yellowdragon and I got a pink wrist and a beta horned hat