Yellow Mellow Advertisment page [Take 2]


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Hello! Welcome to the yellow mellow advertisement page. Here we advertise games, and you can find them here. Remember, new games come out, so check this forum every day! New games come at the most every week, usually every day or two!!
Mellow Dive:
Mellow dive is a game that is basically the standard treasure dive, but this time you have health, it's not worth putting a video trailer, so here's the link.

PROMO: American Fireworks (@SmilishMagna101 s project)
The beauty of America is like... Uh, beauty! But the beauty of fireworks to celebrate Fourth of July, is awesome! Celebrating our freedom is beautiful, and to make it better, smilishmagna has brung freedom and justice to hopscotch with these beautiful American themed fireworks! Come play with them, but remember, not in real life, they are dangerous! Not in hopscotch!!!


I will check here sometimes to see information about new games!


Do you take feedback :D ?


Yes. We do accept feedback, it helps a lot :slight_smile:


It is just to easy and you can't collect the treasure you should make it so you must dive deeper and have to return to the top to win


No I don't think so, it's a mini game, not original games made by yellow mellow like we normally do.


Ok, maybe add some more background! Like trail art seaweed, or crabs. Maybe make the obstacles emoji texture to add a cool effect! Maybe add a feature where you can choose your character! Add a title screen with directions! Maybe make a trail art treasure chest!

It's going great so far! I hope I helped :D


Um... If you get hit by both entities, you still survive, maybe make it harder?


Health bar, makes it better than original one.


I like it :)

But it was a little buggy, but I love the idea :wink:


I bet there are other 4th Of July fireworks projects. :wink: