Yeha um can you guys stop picking fights in my topics?



Hey guys it's um me again and ever since I got on the forum after dinner I've been feeling sad. You guys have made me feel bad by picking fights in my topics that I made to make some people feel happy. I've had someone tell my to delete my posts in my topic because my keyboard glitched and it accidentally removed them from a nomination list. That topic made a bunch of people happy for being nominated and I loved seeing them all so happy :blush: but then I got like twenty notifications and people being kind of rude and mean to me in that topic so I just deleted the whole category and now I feel like trash.
Then in my topic I made so a certain person could achieve 10000 likes on their project if 95 more people liked it, someone go mad at me for making it because it was for a "good Hopscotcher." Then they complained and had a pity party in my topic about the likes they got and I felt bad for makin the topic.
So yeha it seems you guys always wanna pick fights in my topics so can you just please stop? It hurts my feelings and now I feel really bad about everything because today I had a great day so I don't want some of you guys to ruin that.
I try to be a nice person but it seems like whenever I do something nice for you guys, it always backfires and I get a bunch of hate for being nice. I've apologized honestly and solemnly a bunch of times and I still got hate. I really like you guys and consider some of you my best friends but it seems like I got a lot of enemies. In my fanclub topic someone talked trash about the person we were fans of! I work hard on my projects for you guys and I love coding here. I'm actually working on a project I'm excited about right now :blush: but if I get a bunch of hate during the time I'm making the project, I give up on it and it never comes out. I wanna finish this project and show you guys as a community what I can really code if I put my mind to it. But the hate stresses me out. Just because some of you only do small art pieces or remix projects doesn't mean you can hurt the people who work hard on their projects.
Just stop hating on people like me because I because I'm getting sick of it. It seems like a tiny mistake leads to a huge flame war.
So I'm gonna mute some users. That will solve a few of my problems, but not all. One problem that will not be solved if I mute users is the hate I get. Guys, if we all be nice to each other in at least the tiniest bit, there won't be huge flame wars.
If this hate continues I may leave the forum because I can't take it. I love this community but some of you need to stop and learn from your mistakes.
Please don't flag this, I'm writing what I feel here and it feels like I'm writing in a diary and I just don't want to be flagged.
@kiwicute2016 thank you

I am sorry, I just realized how mean I used to be
We were so cringe


That is a long paragraph


I've written longer ones before



Was I made you feel sad

Then I am really sorry

I did not mean it

Please stay

You are amazing

Sometimes you just got to Shake it off


You didn't do anything I'm not naming names though even though everyone's gonna guess who I'm talking about


Oh okay!

I hope you feel better!

Just listen to Jacob Stratious


i hope i'm not intruding, but i did see what went down (is still going down?? idk??) in the other topic

i think the argument may have started when you said you didn't like someone, which i personally would have just kept to myself. usually when something happens, it's because a small comment (negative or otherwise) gets blown out of proportion

i don't know how effective making a new topic calling people out on it is, either :grimacing:

if you ever want me to delete my post here just @ me!!


Hey Jacob Starious has a lot of haters

And he doesn't even care about them


He said he loves his haters :blush:


I'm sorry this has happened to you... And sorry if I was ever part of it.

I've seen that you're a nice person personally for the record :slight_smile:


I know you mean me as this was posted like while ere talking to me and all I said
Was its not very far to not include people from award of nominations contests anything because you. Don't get along with them it's just not kind so in future you should inline them.... Otherwise I'm just waning u people could flag u or inform the mods this is all I said and I don't see how this is a fight or picking a fight I'm just telling you to think things through as it effects others...


No, it shouldn't. @friendship2468 is expressing her feelings.


I'm not posting anything else because I don't wanna be flagged or viewed as as a mean person.
@awesomenachos @Ella_13 :blush: Thx


I don't really think it's needed to close the topic;)
@friendship2468 is just expressing her opinion!


I'm so, so, sorry that people do that! :0

People just judge you and decide it's fun to bug you by picking a fight. I can't stand that!

If I could do it, I'd code the forum so that fights were impossible to post. That'd be awesome.

For now, just flag and ask them to stop. If they don't, CHOO CHOO! THE TFS TRAIN IS COMING TO GIVE THEM AN ESSAY ON BEING NICE!

I totally understand. :3 :D

If there's any way I can help, I will! :D


Sorry if we're picking a fight here! (sadly. ;-;


You're not the problem! :00

People just seem to judge you. Meh.


Choco chooo
Hey um do you guys want a sneak peek of my new project I'm making later?


yes plz


Okay I'll show you guys in a few minutes once I add something to it.