Yeh Goodbye but (over)


Not to to me, to Lava bounce. Without starting a debate Space Ninja is much better than Lava Bounce. I really want to replace them... I need guidance here @liza because I don't know if it will glitch out the screenshot you used in the tutorial...


Bai Lava Bounce!


Dunno yet. Need @liza's permission


Lave bounce is great! Why you want to get rid of it? :0


It's so laggy, glitchy and disorganised.


It plays...

You got Feautured with it, why is it bad?


Noooooo please don't delete it Its on featured why would you I love that game nooooooo please vote in this poll so BlastFusion can see

  • It's pretty good
  • It's ok...
  • Ummm good?
  • Meh good enough


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BG and glitches. Compare it to space ninja and you'll see the difference.



Your choice tho :)


Just because it has mistakes doesn't mean you should delete it. Keep it and in the future you can look back on it and see how much you have improved!:slight_smile:


How? Compare it with Space ninja! I'll wait for @Liza's answer.


@Liza please reply. I am very curious on what to do....