Year Of Code — tankt2016’s second GT



That isn’t necessary but helpful.
You can get it for 500 sapphires in the sapphire shop.

Good ig.
There’s (as always) some rude people.
The dens are big and there’s a lot of levels in Overflow and you can get a penguin, pet rockhopper penguin, and den if you redeem the code “penguins”.


Yaaasss we’re having apple dumplings tonight
Anyone have any ideas on what I could code? Please no nuke


You don’t need a membership to play it. The same is true for Club Penguin Island, Poptropica, and other games like that.


What’s that? Never heard of it.


@tankt2016, what’s your username on AJ? Mine is Superdisco! Wait, do you play on the app or website? I play on the app!


Btw, I know someone irl who plays Animal Jam. It’s ghost​:ghost::ghost: (Hopscotch), and his username is novel5 on Animal Jam.


Wait, @Cocoa_Viola, do u play animal jam?


I actually never had an account. Sorry.



that’s why I edited my post…


Still, I never did and presently do not.


The nuke is this really long list of ideas that Rawrbear and a few others made. It’s spam if you don’t put it in a


I’m tankt2016 there too, on the app. I would’ve sent you a buddy request but it says your buddy list is full.


I don’t have an account! How is that possible?


I was talking to cheese person.


Oh, sorry. My mistake.


Imagine a Dragons music is soooooo goood
Especially Radioactive


Eh but this less fun I can’t use half my animals ;u;


Wait… do you have four animals? That may be the reason why. As a non-member, you can only use two animals.


I only have a few I could use
I had way more than four
And most were members only
Oof I meant it like
Not even half


I’ve got four though and I’m a non-member on the app


Wow. This could be work of a gang of people who made each religion account, or one person. I hope they don’t bring negativity to those religions or pose as people. I’m sure Ana will sort this out