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That is a very interesting story. How does that relate to anything lol?


Just scroll up and there’s a couple



I see


Yeah… ive had lots of weird flight story’s. That’s just one of them.
Sorry about your toe unicorn.


My lil bro got schooled yesterday lol I laughed so hard


@tankt2016 good luck w/ your spelling bee! Remember this is how you spell Czech!


@A_Metalhead r u on?


Lol. I’m over the black toe now. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! Or ciao! Or お元気ですか?


Why are you speeking Italian is it?


Yesss that is because I speak Italian


@HardcoreHufflepuff if you were wondering that English muffin is my brother lol


I used to as I’m from italia I stopped about 3 years ago


Oooookay gotcha also here


Oooh cool same except I was born in Austria


I will be back on in a second


I’m back on :slightly_smiling_face: @HardcoreHufflepuff


I’m off again to go for a while now. Bye guys. @HardcoreHufflepuff


Should we start the plan for today? Idkkkk