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Actually never mind ima go to bed early.


Wait is ur user on aj still Tankt2016?


@tankt2016 , @JACG2018MASTER, @CoderOfMagic, @A_Metalhead, @Apricity? Anyone on? I’m in PORTLAND CRAZY TRIP SO FAR


Nope I’m tankt2018 now because I didn’t actually activate my old account and it’s gonna get deleted eventually…

Whoa cool!
And I’m on but I gtg in like 2 minutes


Ok quick story. Our dad got the wrong place for our Uber driver, Our original flight got canceled, and we got the last 4 seats on the following flight. We got there and we had to wait 15-30 minutes waiting for tickets for our flights to LA and ZIH (Ixtapa, Mexico) now we’re in a hotel for the night (at least until 4 in the morning…I will keep you posted when I’m on WIFI thanks!


Lol, so there was this one time my family was on a trip and it was like midnight and then “your flight has been rescheduled to 4:30 AM” happened and we were all like on no we’re gonna miss it so we left at 2:00 AM and got to the airport at about 3:00 and then “your flight has been rescheduled to 6:00. Then 9. Then 12. By then we had explored the airport twice. Ant had breakfast and lunch. Then the flight was late. And at around 1:30 PM we actually got on the plane.


Hi @ThatEnglishMuffin


Oh my GOSH!!!


@CoderOfMagic, @JACG2018MASTER, and @Apricity, help me


i’m still a pretty useless regular…


Who is on?


it is pretty fair…
it’s not just an “unfair” choice


I don’t mean it like that. I’m really happy for them but I have wanted regular for EVER! I really wanted last month but look at me now. Never had regular…


No… why did you change your adorable Profile Picture. I didn’t know who you where


i like this one! cts drew it and i love it


It’s great. I have already requested one from cts and I’m excited


Omigosh congrats congrats!!


Just keep reading new topics and try avoiding randomflaggers which is like inevitable for me.


Okay thanks for the tips.


I have a crazy flight story too :3
So this summer (I got to miss 1 and a half weeks of school) I went on a trip to Italy. (Next yr I might go alone and spend the summer w/ my friends that were extremely happy to see me) anyways we go to le port of Portland and did the stuff BUT (Dunn dunn Dunn!) our flight got rescheduled to the next morning, so we had to wait seven hours till we could get on.