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This is honestly cute


Bye and tysmtysmtysm for cat spam !!! !!!


Bye u guys (even tho I’m gonna be here for like 2 hours at the airport soon)


Let me play my snazzy violin music at your wedding


Very shnazzy


Which wedding


You and Petty, of course!


i thought it was the tvfizzy wedding


Who d.i.e.d, you or TV


Wait what did i miss
@Petrichor explain


I will haunt you forever with my magically adorable eyes


Google Maps: Street Analysis
Imagine if that were a real thing tho


dANGIT I gotta wake up before 8am on Saturday of all days.
And then get in our car… to go to a spelling bee, I can sleep in the car plus they’ve really good donuts at the spelling bee… galette, antecedents, consonants, shivery, molé…


Why you go under maintenance on my animal jam nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dANGIT


I’ll quiz you if you like!


Oki (if it’s possible to do that online XD).
Wait, on spelling?


I’m making myself go to bed at 11pm because my mom wants me to get enough sleep for the spelling bee. Plus I have to wake up 2 hours earlier than I normally do.


Even though 11:00 is still late.
Not for me though.
Or you I guess


Same lol. 11 isn’t late for me too.


Anyone want to play truth or dare for the next 40 minutes?