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Wow. “Most Impressive.”


I just checked online and I spelled it right.


Ooh cool!

I’m not going to even mention that after those 1000 words in the spelling bee is like 400,000 words



Yea. If it recognized that… uhh. Well I’d do something but I don’t know what.


In short, pneumonia XD


Part of the pneumococcal diseases family (yes I spelled that too)


Ima go see if I can find that Scripps national spelling bee quiz thingy…


I can’t quiz you on ur spelling because u can see what the answer is by reading it!


For example spell meningococcal


Yeah XD


Meningococcal XD




”When is then?” “Soon.”


”Lord Dark Helmet: What the heck am I looking at? When does THIS happen in the move? Col. Sandurz: NOW. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now is happening now. Lord Dark Helmet: Go back to then! Col. Sandurz: What? Lord Dark Helmet: THEN! Col. Sandurz: I can't! Lord Dark Helmet: Why not? Col. Sandurz: We passed it! Lord Dark Helmet: When? Col. Sandurz: Just now! Lord Dark Helmet: When will then be now? Col. Sandurz: SOON!”


@SarcasticTvHead i can say one word that will make you hate me forever


Petrizzy yeah I know


No, sketchrichor @SarcasticTvHead




What? I came in late, didn’t I?