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Somebody help I keep getting a 502 bad gateway sign when doing anything on hereeeeee and it’s really annoying and then I have to look up “Hopscotch forum” and enter safe mode to get in


Whoops I accidentally got jam on my cat’s head
Sorry @yang


Haha! Lol!

PoOr yAnG!!!


I need to be up at 7 but I normally wake up around 8 now


for me school starts at 8…


My brother was supposed to wake me up at 7
But here I am at 7:10 and he still hasn’t come in to wake me up
So I set the alarm
Which I slept through for three minutes


mine is ins anely loud and anno ying and i absolutely ha te it


I heard it’s better to wake up to some soothing noise instead of a HONK HONK HONK kind of noise so oof



Anyone want to beta-test (it’s a pet caretaker game) when I’m ready for it?


It probably is
I had a band concert last night from 6 to 9 then I couldn’t sleep till 10 then woke up at 5. I’m so tireddd


Sorry, we didn’t create it and don’t know anything about it.


Who did create it? Do you know? @hopscotch-curators


It was probably some bug test I’m guessing.


Yeah, maybe. But why would they post that on the main account?




Anyway… so… How are you?


Pretty good.
How are you?


I’m okay… :yum: Just chilling


Meme party?