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Apparently this happened in like 2016 (which I saw right before I made a HALP topic about it which I uhh didn’t wind up doing) to me and a few others and SmilingSnowflakes said the forum was updating soon…?


it happened to me just now for a few minutes (i closed the tab and made a new one and it was fine)


I was looking at William04GamerA’s bio and then suddenly I was on read only mode, went to a whiteboard and said HALP, went on my family’s kindle on my bro’s account and a few minutes later it was fine…?

Maybe the forum updated in those minutes and that’s why it was read only


yeah maybe. it’s really weird…


IT happens every once in a while, so far twice this week that’s been noticed.


Nope make that thrice.

It happened to me atleast three times this week


Hmm odd


I’ll send you a buddy request!


Totally, My Little Pony forever!!!

I hope there’s more episodes, too…


Same, except I heard that Season 9 would be the last…cri


@cheeseperson I see you spamliking me XD
Thanks for the likes!


My likes are running out!!!

GaSps bEcaUsE I cAn’T SpaMLikE @tankt2016 AnYmoRe!

Gasp! No more My Little Pony?!! NOOOOOOO!!!


Oki imma gonna go buddy you! Get on AJ-PW! (Animal Jam-Play Wild!)


Ok I’ll be on there!


I know I’ve been watching it since it started and Im sO sAD
Um if it’s actually ending


Yeah…I’m actually watching it right now!

I sent you a request. I’m at your den!


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^^^^^ that is very true
@Apricity @SarcasticTvHead pass is not here anymore

^^^^^ put that in notes or something


@TankT2016 us right now:


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