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If this image is true I’m ten years behind in the meme world XD


now im hungry


how was tanks last post 8 mins ago and last seen 20 mins ago


Wut since when did something come out of pending


Oh yeah something came out of pending




How has this thing not died yet it’s been alive since November 6


I am going to photoshop my cat into playing basketball today
Right after finding the perfect background


Sorry whoever this guy is
You’re getting replaced with my cat


This looks pretty epic to me

Look at number 13


We’re thinking about doing a public school next year
Turns out it’s got an art club owo


Oh cool!

You’re homeschool right now, right?

Lol sorry I just barged in haha


Yeah I’ve been homeschooled my whole life

Lol it’s okay


Oh that’s super cool?

Lol okay thanks.

Sorry for lateish re, I’m in school rn


hey tankt! school just ended today for me (3:00 and all)


Halp somehow the site wound up in read only mode on my ipad so here I am on my brother’s acc on a different t device


Oh wait nvm it’s out of read only mode


that happened to me too (did it happen to everyone what???)