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Cat Meme I think @tankt2016 would like.


That all sounds good! Where would we write the story?


Are you both writing a story together? That sounds awesome! :upside_down_face:



Is there a fake of you? As I was looking and one looked exactly like you but with capital Ts


Eat chips and make memes. #chill


Capitalization doesn’t matter with forum usernames. Tankt and tankt are the same person.


Oh… I get it now! Thanks For Explaining!


Lol that’s hilarious!

Maybe a topic with the word Unread in the title so nobody can see/enter it easily?
I’ll go make it ig

Here? Capitalization doesn’t matter.
But on Hopscotch, blame my bro for the fake imposters. He made fake imposter accounts XD


Wait that I read thing works? I didn’t know that lol. Sounds cool!


Can you get in the topic?


Yeah I just got in. Now what? Is it like an r.p.?


I guess we plan it out and write it up?
Maybe we could put some Hopscotchers in it


Ok! Sounds good. :slight_smile:


Oh no I can’t get in again oops… can you tag me again?


This is a way to get in
And I’ll tag you again


Trixie licks her tail in the most adorable way



I’m so tired what the heck was I doing up at 1am


Why were you up at 1?