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Haha that’s like the 9th time today you’ve posted that.

I’ll snuggle with it for a while I guess


:clap: MEME REVIEW :clap:
Talk to PewDiePie


My dinner
Yogurt waffles and chocolate pretzels




Why are you eating dinner it’s so early (I’m going to have pasta yay)


Because I had something to do at 6
Pasta is so gooooddd especially the shells


I’m watching football right now but only because the Imagine Dragons are doing the halftime show


Wait really?! Omg cool!


Why am I up at midnight
I mean almost 1am


g e t s o m e s l e e p


I need to find stuff to do when I’m bored
Which is like all the time


Talk to me cuz I’m bored too


Are you still on because I’m still bored
Maybe we could make a Hopscotch story or something


Hey guys I’m home alone what should I do :smirk:


The government is funny


Yeah I’m on for now. What kind of story?


Maybe someone is trapped inside the app or something?

I decided what to do home alone
Listen to Imagine Dragons


And then I’m not home alone again
Oh well


I’m on! Finally… so, what have I missed?