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@tankt2016 i make mansions in my free time in Minecraft. You want one? Just tell met the floor plan and i will decorate the inside.


Oh cool!

Oki if you want to make one
Maybe 2-5 rooms shaped rectangularly? Or even cat themed lol


dead kitty*

just a nickname he’s not actually dead lol


That’s sad and funny at the same time


Hey @TheDeliciousOrange , I havent been able to work on the SC thing, soz,


TDO is skiing with our school right now. He will be back at approx 2019-03-15T21:30:00Z2019-03-15T21:30:00Z


Wait so do you like KOTLC?


Just wonderingXD :wink:


Yes! It’s my favorite series!


That’s so cool what is your favorite book?
Mine is Lodestar


Don’t know. I like them all. Want to talk on my GT?


Sure can you tag me though


hey I would ask if u could make kayrofrens again but… that’s already gone.


— it’s gone?!



yeah. Kayro’s pretty p@$#%d


Well, I’m honestly not sure.
Friend thinks that Really Good Friend is bad, but then Really Good Friend thinks that Friend is bad.




I sees u @HardcoreHufflepuff


Oh hi I made your request!

Heh it’s disproportionate


Yeah yeah I saw it on the drawing topic. The hair is kinda accurate but it’s actually very very dark brown.