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It’s also by forks and I could go there like I could book a flight right now cuz it’s not super duper expensive but aww I cant


Soooooo. How’s life for you?


Amazing. One thing is that the sides look flat. If you can find a time machine ask me two years ago how to fix it. I’m not sure now.


That moment when you accidentally type “soup extraction” instead of “soul extraction”




b r u h m o m e n t


omigod! @HardcoreHufflepuff we must have a galactic bond

the STARS have aligned

What makes this so funny is that I was watching a horoscope videos earlier

Please ignore “kawaii men” I was watching a Japanese fashion video once for some inspiration, and I learned about the harajuku style and all that. So I wanted to see more of the male part of the community, and I found this-

Mhm spot on a’bout that

out of all things this is what gets me back into the fourm


o weow :0


I got the butterfly what
And I was a deer like 8 months ago I think
I did not expect that

It symbolizes change and transformation and a secondary meaning is about finding joy in life and lightness of being.
And expressing of personality and — wow social success I don’t see that being me at all


Ooh me too!


Yes @YogiLC the universe has brought us to this


Oh wow

We’re both hufflepuffs
We’re both butterfly spirit animals

This is ironic lol


Hello? Anyone? Anyone?


@tankt2016? Are you on???


Yep but I gtg in like 15 minutes cuz it’s almost midnight here and I stayed up this late last night and was half asleep all day lol


Ahh TEM broke my soul today


Ahhh that socks


Yup. I considering disbanding our friendship because of it.


Wow whatever happened between you guys must’ve been rough…or I have 0 social experience lol


Then again i could be overreacting. I am an extremely emtionally unstable person.