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I will now define a stereotypical slytheryn
Blonde Rich Boys who look like they’re about to spill a drink all over you


I’m not any of that so


Oh don’t forget that they say MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS too much


I said stereotypical. Based on Draco Malfoy


@tankt2016 @HardcoreHufflepuff

There’s a Leader reporting topic thing Jazz made that leads can’t access.
SD and CM are arguing w me and I’d appreciate it if one of you could post the link to that topic there and maybe possibly direct them there to share their concerns


My raven shall poop all over you muahahahahahahha


What would the other house stereotypes be

Besides hufflepuffs being stereotyped as not smart


No your eagle shall

Also my cat will chew any plastic baggies of yours


Hufflepuff: Basically Unikitty



dANGIT I no wants to be stereotyped like that lol


Thank you Tankt :))

V much appreciated I owe you




No you don’t


Yeah we are so much more then smart we’ve come up with some of the best ministers of magic and a hufflepuff discovered the magical properties of the number 7 so hah


Yes I do you just saved my sorry behind



Does it count if I’m holed up with a sketchbook lol


No you don’t

You don’t If the hufflepuff common room is the best


Hufflepuff: (Actually this time) (just watch the puffs) Wholehearted, doesn’t need to be “the best” isn’t intimidated by others.


Yes I do and no it def isn’t it’s TOO BRIGHT