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No. We have da best common room. With a creepy shy ghost


But the hufflepuff one is most definitely always the best one. Period.


I shall never. It is offensive to me


It is against my r e l i g i o n


No slytherin is the best everything

Fite me


Ok then
Well what’s new?


No hufflepuff has the best common room


A wild @Mindcool24 has been spotted
I agree with @FearlessPhoenix





Oh wait maybe we got competition but still the hufflepuff one is comfiest

ravenclaw ^^^


Ok I will
Hufflepuffs have all the qualities of the other houses except for the (sometimes) mean nature of Slytherins. We have a super-security common room and have produced the least dark wizards of any house, while Slytherin has produced the most. We are kind, loving, and loyal. We are brave and stand up to bullies for friends and family. Just cuz we’re not full of ourselves (yes, I’m talking to you Ravenclaws) doesn’t mean we aren’t smart. We have tons of good qualities, and we don’t brag.


Knock Knock
Which comes first the chicken or the egg?
Griffindor: Umm The Egg?
Slytheryn: None I killed the chicken and crushed the egg
Hufflepuff: The Chicken is my friend!
Me: A circle has no beginning


Ahhhshoskskskl wHY is it so bright and white and yuck
The slytherin one is so much betterrrr


or arrogant with the exception of the best common room thing lol


Actually no. I’d provide the same answer you did.
Just cuz I’m slytherin doesn’t wan I’m dûmb or meãn


Just cuz we don’t show it off doesn’t mean we aren’t smart y’know


Yeah it’s too fancy for me and sooooo whiteeee


I like our cozy yellow glowy common room lol



Who can’t love this lol