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Yeah what’s up?
i am depre ssed


Aww Amazing!!! I love it!


A lot of people h8 me now or smth just bc I’m a leade and I’m getting a lot more shade than I anticipated. No one trusts that we’ll do a good job and ive been alienated more times that I can count already . It just hurts y’know . And on top of stuff I have going on irl it just kinda makes it worse.
On sd’s topic, she made a poll and asked people how they felt abt us and a couple people said negative and very negative and that really hurts yknow
And barely anyone will listen to me and they don’t trust my judgement and I get ignored and other stuff but mostly just this


I’m sorry… is there anything I can do?


No not really it’s not your fault im
Don’t be sorry it’s fine ig. Just hurts y’know


WTHeck why do people ha te on leaders? Do people h8 people of higher authority?


I get it… when I came to HS I felt hurt too because I was completely ignored and left out


Idk um you can see people’s insecurities maybe idk

Apparently there’s a topic where you can report leaders and comment and stuff but I can’t access that topic so.

Hhh idk


Yeah same w me

Still happens to me a lot even now.

Ik it happens to u I’ve seen it and I’m rly sry for that


Thanks…it’s fine tho now I have all of you and that makes it worth the struggle



The tallest trees bear the ripest fruit.

I’m glad you think we’re worth it, I hope to live up to that


You already do, all of you


That must be so tough.
I don’t think the people who aren’t really happy with the leadership thing are putting themselves in the leaders’ shoes.
Not to mention it’s been less than two weeks since the leaders were promoted.


Arrrrrrggghhhh. I h8 it when people do that. It’s sooo annoying. Anyways they’re just jealous that you got leader. And they don’t have it. Just ignore them h8ers (or dab on them) (I cringe at dabbing but I had to put it in there)


Yeah dab on the h8ers or don’t because it’s cringy


Yeah. Ty Tankt

I almost lost a couple friends bc of it and some old ones came running back for a bit just to ask me to do them favors.

And yeah. Even with training and stuff, it’s different actually doing it


Lol ty :))

I don’t dab tho haha never have never will


Moving on. I have an amazing common room as a Ravenclaw


No the slytherin one is 1000000000000000x better