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U can chat with me but my dog’s going crazy and I need 2 charge my phone


Ha lol I’m at 3% so I’m gonna diiiieeee


Welcome to the forum!


I’m gonna be eating ramen tonite


hey guys i got a retainer

sarcastic clapping and cheering



Oh fun
Wait didn’t you just have braces


Cool I had one for a while!


You like raven? I’m about to update WOTL.


You get a retainer after you’re done with braces


What colour! (Green would be preferred)


Anyone want a house in Minecraft? Lol I’m bored so
Number of stories (1 or 2):
Number of rooms (1-4):
Theme if any:
Preferred color scheme:
Should it be near the town or near the castle:


Oh — wait dANGIT — wait I thought only people with small mouths used them


That’s a palette extender.


Me ohh me! Quartz (white concrete if you want), spruce and gray concrete with black glass please, 2 stories, blocky appearance


Hay @tankt2016 can I slap a #fish-and-guac tag on your GT?


Ooh sureeee


@TheDeliciousOrange done


more pics

Right side (the horse was hanging out around there so I built him a paddock lol)

Back and left sides

Kitchen & living room




Land around it
Yes there’s animals at the ranch but I’m too far away for them to appear


That’s really cool!!


@CoderOfMagic I just wanted to know if you’ll be here tomorrow (March 15) because… it’s my anni so it’s kind of important to me


wait what’s up with the “:((” is anything wrong or