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Lol yeah


U should make one then


omg crimes of grindlewald was great


I would if I was regular lol


I know right
I think it was better than the first because now the story’s more interwoven and mysterious
But seriously the sprite cranberry

oh hi it’s just me trashtalking the spamflaggers of the drawing topic

Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 19 [OFFICIAL]

or maybe I’m more venting about it idk, but srsly pls don’t read if you’re the spamflagger, if you are please confess

Okay, spamflagger, everyone’s mad at you. You’ve gotten the drawing topic closed like three times in the past week.
Everyone. Is. Mad. They have some wonderful art to post, and now they can’t, all because of you.
I mean, sure, it’s only a measly four hours, but they want to post it right away. And you’ve gotten the drawing topic closed for half a day or more total.
I hope you’re happy now with how many people you’ve made upset!


I don’t know that place.
Although I am by another ice cream place (which has two locations) and a smoothie bar (which recently opened).


Lol I tried Apricity’s Hopscotch Shipper and I got tankt and you so basically me and me


well thanks for playing it anyway lol


Somebody halp my dad is raking the carpet where the tree was
aka possibly ruining it
And making us get a new carpet


Bathroom or cat?
Bathroom or cat?
Oh wait bathroom because I don’t want to go on the cat.


Nuuuuuuu cat leftttt


So my mom’s asking us to define idioms or phrases and we’re like “that’s from my little pony” “that is too”
(Lol I’ve watched every episode and remember each one)(and nuuuuuuu season 9 might be the lastttttttttttttttt NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU) (NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)


Okay now my mom asked my brother a phrase about tenderfoots and she was like now we just call them newbies


And who even uses tenterhooks anymore these are probably like from 50 years ago


I’m boreddddddddddd


^^^^^ very true


I’d help you get un-bored but I’d probably fail miserably haha


As @Hopscotcher says



These things are probably full of junk food stuff but whatever they’re goooddd


:clap: MEME REVIEW :clap: