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So apparently the “round” mathematical block thingy doesn’t have anything to do with making circles?


No it rounds to the nearest decimal.


Oh lol

Ohhh “round” lol my brain is dead rn




I’m a reggggggguuuuuuulllllllaaaaarrrrr (I Still I’m soooo exited)


I wanna chat with someone.


Sorry I was typing something aka trying to find 1 million Pi digits lol


Happy pie day everyone! Eat pie! (and cake.)


Fearless, your past doesn’t matter. We’re talking about the present. Remember, “What’s done is done.”
Haha, I always think I can sense people’s feelings, but I’m always way off.


Hey, find one that says pottermore version.


I can too and it’s usually right


Hey, you’re a very important person both to me and many others.

I’ll never forget that you were the first to reply on my GT before it was a GT XD

And what you challenged me to do last year (not going into specifics bc I don’t want this edited…) but it really helped me because I’ve never done it again.


Happy almost Pi Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Oh goodness, I’ve been kinda wanting to earn it back.


How’d you lose it?


I got bored at it and deleted it. I liked dueling though. I was pretty good.


Thank you! I’m excited. I need to finish my pi day project tonight.


Well, after I got ip banned for making an imitation account, I wasn’t able to be as active and lost regular.


What’s an imitation account? I’m still a noob…


Pi day is tomorrow, sorry.