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What makes you think I’m hufflepiff
I’m prob sly.


Uhh so many things well go get the account so we can see


It has email verification
I’ll do that tm because only my iphone is into mail app and I’m on my ipad


lol I just retook the quiz on a new acc and got Gryffindor ecks dee


I still consider myself a Slytherin tho bc it was my first take and u only get one chance with the sorting hat uwo


Ah ok then I’ll brb
i hope you join the hufflepuff squad


Heh nah
I’m not that caring
I survive lol


Yeas you’re a Slytherin
My friend took it like 5 times cuz she wanted Gryffindor


lol yea and I think I fit the Slytherin house the most anyways


K then uhhhhmmmmm
I’m bored is there anything to talk about
Ooh did you know portkey games is releasing a game called wizards unite which looks very cool?


Ooh noice!

And omg congrats on getting regular!!

Lol I still haven’t gotten it but I haven’t been spamflagged recently so


Let’s hope you get it before I leave which is a long time away


Yessshhhh we should have a party in the lounge one time

In 2016 there was a lounge club.

When I get regular ima bring that back.


I didn’t know that owo
do u know have the hp app? where u go to Hogwarts and stuff? I used to have it but I deleted it lol


Same but I deleted it cuz — geez it was impossible to do anything when it took forever for your energy to refill and the quests took forever.


Lol there still is
There are like 6


Oh wow cool!!


Oof I should prob get it relatively soon (assuming I met all the requirements plus I haven’t been spamflagged in a while) unless you can’t after being suspended (but one person did get regular back after a suspension) in which case I’d prob wind up going to my bro’s account lol




goes to look online for a copy-pasteable Pi symbol
wonders why there’s a whole wikihow on copy-pasting and typing a Pi symbol

Geez wikihow author typing the Pi symbol isn’t challenging

Aww dangit it isn’t curly and fancy but I have 4 hours to code one out of trail art and it’s calligraphy style so