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Well, I was talking about playing AJ on your PC.



My brother gets upset when I bowl through his army men with the Sphero
Then he just knocks them down one-by-one anyway


Lol my brother wanted to play an Imagine Dragons song and he looked up the wrong thing


Have a cat

should I make an anti procrastination club

This is a club that will help keep people from procrastinating on coding.
Basically all this club will do is fight procrastination.

^^^^^ he thought this was a good idea so he’s in

  • yes
  • no

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c’est un tres beau chat!



I have nothing to do but spam my GT with cat pictures


heh lol



I skipped breakfast

I’m procrastinating on my Hopscotch New Year’s Resolution to code


Lol it’s meme time and I forgot the username for the thing I was supposed to do for school so meh




Memes, more memes
and vines


I agree, but I like believer more than radioactive


I should probably join… but I wanna watch YouTube… (lol procrastination)


Have a random rarely photographed cat in a weird position


Geez, people on Animal Jam can be so immature…
(Then again they’re probably all 7-9-year-olds.)
One user (123BellaB) was being such a sore loser that they were out in my fashion show. They said they’d report me so I reported them back about 20 times lol.
And then yesterday, someone was like “I’m cool because I’m beta [whatever that means] and you’re all u g l y and this den is so u g l y” when I hosted a party in my den.
I sock at running things in my den.


u g l y


Hm I’m the only one awake in the house now what to do


eat some ice cream :slight_smile: