Year Of Cod 🐟 —tankt2016’s second GT Kittenz for life/ Tankt rocks/ Tankt papers/ Tankt scissors!. Tankt is the best -JACG, CoM and Apricity /Tankt is many cools-Fuwa/Tankts pretty cool-Tv/Tankt is like the nicest person here-FP/GO TANKT-UnicornRainbow -H



Yaaasss we’re having apple dumplings tonight
Anyone have any ideas on what I could code? Please no nuke


You don’t need a membership to play it. The same is true for Club Penguin Island, Poptropica, and other games like that.


What’s that? Never heard of it.


@tankt2016, what’s your username on AJ? Mine is Superdisco! Wait, do you play on the app or website? I play on the app!


Btw, I know someone irl who plays Animal Jam. It’s ghost​:ghost::ghost: (Hopscotch), and his username is novel5 on Animal Jam.


Wait, @Cocoa_Viola, do u play animal jam?


I actually never had an account. Sorry.



that’s why I edited my post…


Still, I never did and presently do not.


The nuke is this really long list of ideas that Rawrbear and a few others made. It’s spam if you don’t put it in a


I’m tankt2016 there too, on the app. I would’ve sent you a buddy request but it says your buddy list is full.


I don’t have an account! How is that possible?


I was talking to cheese person.


Oh, sorry. My mistake.


Imagine a Dragons music is soooooo goood
Especially Radioactive


Eh but this less fun I can’t use half my animals ;u;


Wait… do you have four animals? That may be the reason why. As a non-member, you can only use two animals.


I only have a few I could use
I had way more than four
And most were members only
Oof I meant it like
Not even half


I’ve got four though and I’m a non-member on the app


Wow. This could be work of a gang of people who made each religion account, or one person. I hope they don’t bring negativity to those religions or pose as people. I’m sure Ana will sort this out


yasssss i can play a lot of their music on the guitar