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do you know anyone who’d pretend to be you?


Were you paralyzed?

:right_anger_bubble:Paralysis is beings the side effect of the cuteness overload. -Oh


who’s Oh


No. Except maybe someone who’d want to make me look bad or something.
Except why would I make an alt account that says in the bio “here to spread Hinduism”? I’m not even Hindu. That’s that person’s flaw in impersonating me.


A Boov.


Also, @tankt2016 @gobli09 I wasn’t the one who made those accounts.


Btw, has anyone here seen “Halloween Is Grinch Night”?

@tankt2016 @gobli09 @bahaifaith


Sorry, I should try to be more respectful in the future.


@bahaifaith Before I explain that, I should give you an introduction.

Soon after Dr. Seuss made “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” into a television special, two more television specials were made (this happened in the 1960s and 70s); “Halloween Is Grinch Night” and “The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat”*. These ones are both prequels to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

In “Halloween Is Grinch Night”, the Grinch has a plan to do something to a village near the mountain he and Max have been hiding out in. It’s about Halloween at the time. I don’t have time to explain the rest of it, but this dude, You-Correa, actually stumbles upon the Grinch, who plays lots of spooky tricks on him. Once they’ve all ended, the Grinch leaves, but as some of you know, Max has been left behind.

Sorry about how terrible I am at summarizing it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it.

*That one’s rated R.


The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat isn’t rated R…?


Yes it is. (I actually checked.)


Can you give me a link to the website you found that on?


No, I can’t, but if you or someone you love has it stored in their archives, you can check.


It’s not rated, probably because it’s a made-for-tv special. But its genre is kids and family, so it’s not rated R.


Whoops… my source must be outdated. Sorry @TankT2016. In the beginning, I did not intend to start this up. Let’s go back to what I was originally doing.


Someone is impersonating you?


@Gobli09 @Tankt2016 I didn’t create the @hinduism @christianity @islam @judaism @buddhism accounts; I don’t have enough emails.


Again, I am so sorry and really regret it, and will try not to make the same mistake again.


Yeah. Idk why though.


I don’t play that anymore because I don’t have the membership for it oof
How’s it right now?


That isn’t necessary but helpful.
You can get it for 500 sapphires in the sapphire shop.

Good ig.
There’s (as always) some rude people.
The dens are big and there’s a lot of levels in Overflow and you can get a penguin, pet rockhopper penguin, and den if you redeem the code “penguins”.