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I found this book called The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart and it’s really good.
Except I think 4th-graders would like it more.


Anyone want to play truth or dare?


Here, @tankt2016

It should be normal now


Thanks for unhiding this, @FearlessPhoenix and @Petrichor!
Why did I ever hide it…:sweat_smile:


You’re welcome ^~^


Now time for ads
cmon I ran out of lieks for 2 WHOLE frickin hrs Nuuuuu
See my topic for more cris


Prunes are magic :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Nobody will get that but whatever


Lol I did but I am not popular…
I can follow some people who I know, and are kind to me.
That is the rule for social media in me casa


Uhh excuse me yes you are.
Aww thanks :)) there are a bunch of artists too, like fizzy and all that followed me before they got to know me a bit on the forum. I actually didn’t notice when ISNBN started following me either lol.

Hehe yea


SmilyAlyssa follows me!


Yeah lol I think she’s been following me for at least a year lol

Oh that’s super cool! I’ve honestly just lost track of how many followers I have and who they are lol


What’s this weird gurgling sound coming from the toilet?


that sounds creepy


Lol yeah, turns out it was just clogged and my dad came up to unclog it at 9pm (EST).


Idk why I just sent my friend a weird message on Animal Jam saying prunes are magic and it’s true but it’s like 9pm here and I woke up at like 6:45 and I’m tired and should really go to bed


I have about as many followers as food delivery’s bottle flip project has remixes.


Ehehh idk how many I have and I’m prob never gonna be able to check


This is a sound statement unwavering blessed is petrichor


By the way I must not have been think NG much since the remixes are like ten times more than my followers