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My Last GT

So, welcome to my second GT!
I made a new one because:

  • It got too old to edit
  • I reached post #1003
  • I thought it was time for a fresh start
  • My brother thought it was okay to make a new one

Let me start this off with some random stuff.

#psychochickens rule!!


| Adjective | flə • zē |

Definition: both fluffy and fuzzy

Yes, I invented that word.


By the way, I see no rule anywhere on when a user isn’t allowed to make a new GT.

@omtl (just tagging you guys this once, really sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)

Anyone want to join a tag list?

It will be used for art posts (I won’t use it often), posts about contests, clubs, etc.
The list is on the next post.
I’ll add you if you pick option 1 or option 2.

  • Yes.
  • Maybe, not right now.
  • No.
  • NO. N. O. NO.

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Tag List

Tag List


please only edit yourself in or out.





I’ve got a long list of Christmas list ideas and my family’s like the opposite.

Christmas list ideas

Z Yang doll, if possible ($115)

Janome DC1050 sewing machine ($I-don’t-know)

Copic markers ($depends-on-set-of-markers)

Lego Elves Queen Dragon set ($a-lot)

Satiny pajamas size 12 ($I-don’t-know)

Squishies ($relatively-low, probably easy to find at $5 Below stores)

Sequin pets hedgehog ($25)

Hatchimals ($depends, probably easy to find at $5 Below stores)

This desk looks cool…
Especially in silver…

Grumpy Cat books

Xbox with 2–4 controllers and Minecraft

Lunar Chronicles (about $10, book series)



Loose-fit pjs

Slippers that I can’t wear out

Soft sweater (Old Navy?)

Yoga pants (wide bottom)


Also don’t ask about the chinchilla on there.
They’re adorable.


Gotta love the chinchilla


I saw one in a pet store and it followed me as I walked around its enclosure!
They’re adorable!!


So perfect and round!


In my third grade classroom, we had a bunch of class pets. I think we had a chinchilla, two rats, couple guinea pigs, bunch of fish and three pigs.
The chinchilla was prob my favorite. Well, after the pigs and the rats

I can see why you want one


that’s adorable omg

have you ever pet one?? they’re so soft and i loVE them






I know! My mom’s friend said her friend had one and she petted it and it was the softest pet ever!
But my mom doesn’t want one because 1 ) PetSmart has prided them at $150 and 2 ) the cage is huge and they need to climb.
Bunnies are adorable too!!


It’s like a ball with a face, tail, and little teeny feet!!



Also I narrowed down my list.

Copics will definitely be on my list.
Oh yeah, and Spheros are like these balls, and you can drive them around using an app on a device.
They’re really fun. My uncle brought one at Thanksgiving, but everyone was hogging it.
Probably including me.

This desk looks cool…

Especially in silver…


Xbox with 2–4 controllers and Minecraft

Janome DC1050 machine

Z Yang doll



I think there is a rule somewhere saying you can only have one GT at a time.


Well, I don’t see that in the GT or Community Guidelines.
You would think there’d be something on when it’s okay to create a new GT.


Also, there is a rule on tagging OMTL on a GT, don’t do it unless you have an important announcement related to Hopscotch.


Thanks for unlounging this, @Gobli09!


Weird flex, but ok