Yeah, um... I guess I'm back


So yeah after I got suspended I thought, "I know it was coming. Eh, I'll watch iisuperwomanii and have some chips." So then I went on vacation and it was pretty fun, to be honest.
To any of you worrying about being suspended-- you won't be suspended. If you are, it's actually not that bad. You get some time off of your tablet if you're on it all day. I'm actually on MOCKINGJAY now because on vacation I had no wifi and I couldn't use the forum anyways. It's a pretty good book.
When I got back home I had like 100+ notifications on I got a text from this person who's a Hopscotcher they said they saw I got suspended and asked me if I was okay. I asked them who they were. They said they couldn't tell me because they thought I'd to on them.
So today I checked my notifications and they told me I was unsuspended.
So I thiguh to I'd come back and tell you guys I'm sorry (again. I wonder how many times I've said that). I know most of you weren't involved in it but it had something to do with communicating outside of the forum.
But being suspended isn't that bad. Yesterday I did all the laundry and put them away. I felt really good about it. If I wasn't suspended, I'd be on the forum instead of doing that. My parents were washing out new car so they were already tired.
@kiwicute2016 I promise you I'll try my hardest to not make anyone mad because I'm sick of it and I feel like a... Bad person.

Also I am using a free trial for hopscotch for a week! Yaay!

@poptart0219 I was looking around the forum anonymously a bit and I saw your topic. Don't say you tried killing yourself. You too, @huggingfluffybear and @murphy1. I don't wanna see any great people here dying. It makes me sad.
Also @buildasnowman thanks again for the suspension. It means a lot, I'm serious. I feel bad but I also feel calmed down. Way more than the first time. (and thanks for promoting HFB to regular, if that was you. I was looking at his profile and he is reg :smiley:)
So yeah guys um....
I'm sooooo sorry :sob::sob: I kinda have to learn to ignore anything that creates a spark that I can't put out.
@gracefulicing1 I'm sorry for hurting you feelings, fren. Can we get along?

Also um... If you're the anonymous Hopscotcher texting me that "can't sing and doesn't care," can you please tell me who you are?

By the way, can you guys tell me what's going on in the forum?

Also I didn't plan on coming back because I felt too troublesome...


Hi welcome back we missed u




Hi @Hiimnew
Yes I know, you revealed right?


Stuff going on in le forum

  • No real drama or anything
  • A bunch of coding contests


I can't subscribe to it
How many free trials can I get? Only one?


I think only one.

I'm not subscribing either :000


My mom won't let me because it's kinda expensive



It is XD


Yeah lol @Hiimnew lol


Another welcome back fren!!


Why not welcome front


Welcome front @friendship2468


You are forgetting about welcome north northwest

Welcome back @friendship2468


And you're forgetting welcome southwest east.


Hi fren


No one asked you be quiet go crawl back to your room and eat your vegetables


Welcome back @friendship2468! :D

Ok glad you enjoyed your time off the forum! :D


Welcome back! I have a few questions for you,
Why did you get suspended?
How many times have you got suspended?


Uh why does it matter :sweat_smile: