Hey guys and girls! Tomorrow is going to be amazing! Tommorow is 1 year after I joined Hopscotch! (September 1st) this means my one year birth day is tommorow!!! @TheBlueWombat81's birthday is then too!

We will be celebrating tomorrow! I am not sure what TheBlueWombat81 has planned but tommorow I will be posting a Q/A for you guys.

Not only that but if this gets liked 20 times I will change my profile pic to this for 1 week!

Anyways! My birthday Q/A will be posted soon! So stay tuned!!!



Off-topik: I :heart:️ Pusheen
First reply!


Yes, Pusheen is amazing!!!


Pusheen is amazing?
oh really


So far... I don't see think I will be pusheen for a week :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pusheen da best :heart_eyes_cat:
Happy 1st Hopscotch Anniversary! :D


Thanks!!! I can't believe tommorow I have been on Hopscotch for one year!!!


Happy 1 year in Hopscotch :smiley:


Thanks!!! I am so happy!


Happy 1st Anniversary @CrookedCat6519!!


Happy hopscotchaverserry


Cool, happy anniversary! :D

My irl birthday is happening in 23 days (on the 23rd) #hype


Oo happy early bday, which I wont be able to say when I go back to school...... ;-;


Thanks :D

I'll be getting a smartphone, I'm so exciteddddd




Look at my a krazy glue break topic :smile:


I just saw it :DDDDD




Ok, it's done, I am now pusheen for a week! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dude, don't says guys and girls, say Homies and Hometts