YAY! Thanks guz!


I've got 100! Views! Thanks to all around about 97 people (you can look more than once).
Since I'm doing this I'm gonna give special shout outs to peeps!!

Friendly tags:

@IShallNotBeNamed for winning a contest I did last year. (Sorry for not giving you your prize until now)
@Lightningstrike because I like dat cure cat
@Loveofdogs because I don't know who you are but she/he likes dogs
@Malie because she liking my forum stuff a lot. I think. And coz she's kind.
@AvocadoDont because her drawings are so awesome!!
@Bananadog for letting me use her app that she made for my club
@Creatorstyle because I wanna say sorry
@xXBARNSLEYFCXx coz of chiken.

Thanks guz!!!!


WHAT? I don't have that many
Edit: nvm. awesome!


@Puppylover111 thanks man!! It means a lot!


Welcome! And @FluffyMice, I've gotta say that's really interesting. I mean, I'm not that popular. You are. Anyway thanks!


Psst... I live in Geelong @FluffyMice




Here's a trip around the world! Click Me!


Thanks!! :D


You have 142 man. 100. 142.


What contest? Sorry, I'm very forgetful.




Mirror draw contest.