>>>>>>Yay! So happy! <<<<<<<



Ok, so I just got some new activity...

Cool right??? That's pretty awesome!!!

Thank you James Strong and @Bananadog !!!!!




Congratulations, but next time post this in the "Post your woah moments" topic or the "When you get followed by a famous Hopscotcher" topic, please :wink:


Thanks stick88! > <


What's the difference on doing it there and making a whole topic about it? Is it gonna hurt anything? But thank you I will make sure to do that next time!


Making a whole topic is kinda just taking up space. It's the best when you post it on a topic about thing like that. Thanks for doing it next time.


Nice eye drawing @BeautifulBelle!!!:wink:


Thanks bananadog!!! You are such a good drawer!


Ok it's getting real LotsaPizza just liked this post > <