Yay, I got my 8th feature!


Hi! I would just like to say thanks to everyone, I got my eighth feature today!

I want to tell you guys that you are all awesome and I appreciate the support!

If you haven't been featured, just remember, it's ok. Work hard and you'll get there.



Me gotta keep coding

Coz Featured is my goal

And I will get it one day :D


Yay! Congrats!!!

Wow, 8?? :O you must be like a legendary coder


Yeah, she is.


Nice job dude


Same hear I am so sad I will never get featured. But I'm really tired of these topic where people get featured and I haven't.


You'll get there! Keep coding!




Wow, thanks senpai! That means a lot!




Thanks, keep working for it!


Yep. It's true, and not surprising.


Congrats on getting your project on featured. Same project 2 times.




**Reads title **
Eight Features!!!???
Amazing job and congratulations on your Feature and achieving eight features!:grinning::tada:


8?! I thinked 6 XD Anyways congrats!






Perhaps you should change your bio, it still says 5 features :joy:
Congratulations on your feature!


Congratulations, great job!