YAY i got a like from @MagmaPOP


@MagmaPOP thank you so much!! i may have not gotton a like in hopscotch but i sure did here in the forum! Thank you!! You are the best! you made my day!(sorry everyone i am just very happy)


Awesome! Try posting that awesomeness here! :smile:


lol:) well all i said was
''nice meme'' and he like it!!


Oh... Here you go! :]


SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT FEELING!!! I love it.......:joy::sweat_smile:


@AHappyCoder I think you liked a project or 2! You're cool too!!



My face when this kind of post appears

Yes, that's me if I were genderswapped and in an anime


Did you draw that? It's cool. Like @Holly_Aarmau. IDK. First one I saw. So I did it!




src="/uploads/default/original/3X/f/3/f37516356fd34321e8293d3be1c5c8e50764b041.png" width="666" height="500">



You are so nice and very kind and i wish you the best over easter as You have given be 2 likes:) and if i see a like on hopscotch in may or something i will scream and literally faint lol! thanks


Yeah. Post your woah moment at that topic, thanks!


No it's from a game that is not appropriate for some ages.


that's Yandere simulator right? I know all the animations!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


please keep BOT again!! thanks!


Oh... Let's not talk about that. I think I know what you mean!(((o(゚▽゚)o)))


That is so cool @happy12345678910 !!!