YAY! After Months Of Hard Work It's Done!


After months of hard work and e-bugging my biggest game yet is done! Now I couldn’t fix one thing. So it may mess up the first few times. If this happens just keep hitting retry. It will work after a few times. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you like it! @OMTL @POMTL :scream::laughing::clap::ok_hand::smiley:

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If you know how to fix the weird first few times bug please tell me.


Hi! I really loved the game! I just thought that I didn’t even bump into cars yet I died and the wait is quite long so maybe you can put music there or write the percentage of how much is left to load. I loved how you can automatically restart and I loved how the chicken and cars looked!


Thanks for the info. That car glitch I’ve been trying to fix but have been unsuccessful. I figured out if you hit my restart button after a few times, it will work.


This game takes a while to load! Otherwise, it deserves featured!


Ya the bg heh heh.


@SummarianStudios OH YES!!! Really big!


I really like your game, it’s cool and feature-worthy.


It’s cool, but it takes so long to load and if you lose, you have to let it load again. There should be a retsart button if it’s possible


It’s still good no complaints and I really don’t care about the loading, I just want to…



@CheckyWecky there is a restart button you can tap so you don’t have to wait


Games pretty good.

The loading lost me.


There wasn’t for me

or maybe there was, idk?


I saw it.

Might be a glitch.


Wait… there is a restart button