Yarr harr fiddle dee dee being a pirate is alright with me, do what you want cuz a pirate is free, you are a pirate



Hey guys.
This is my new general topic because my old one was old. (Woah Lightning so descriptive and amazing)
But yeah

Hi children this is my general topic. Just do whatever but don't be a mean child, k
You know, the normal stuff.

And with that I release you all

Update 1/10/16- someone please come



I like chocolate

btw first like and reply


Your OMTL has been delivered. Sign here please.

OMTL Delivery | Delivered in TWO DAYS or your money back!



I am doing my homework.


Are you just putting the OMTL in every topic?


K thx

Signed Lightningstrike


Hey guys back from the cringe of internet

It's not as bad here so I'm happy


Ya, unless u celebrate Cringemas :joy:


If the original owner didn't out the OMTL and didn't ask for someone to put it, please don't put it here. You tag me in every topic. I don't need to be tagged especially when the owner of the topic doesn't tag any one.....


It's fine, I was going to do it but I just forgot

If the tagging gets really annoying, I guess you could remove yourself from the OMTL but I dunno


I tottaly understand if the owner wants to do it in there topic, that's cool.

It's halting when random people put it in every topic. He tags me in every topic. Let the owner do it.




Typo :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:



Pls I'm bored


There's nothing that revives a topic like a meme! I'm sorry though, my memes are too dank and dead for hopscotch




Lets talk about stuffffffff


Do u want to start a meme war or not? It's not really a war we just fling memes at each other... But ur showing me u want to start a meme war


Omg I came back to 3 notifications and I'm like "it's a Christmas miracle!"

Lol I know it's sad


Oh my god
Just when we thought the dreaded 2016 couldn't get any worse
Another iconic actress dies