Yanny or Laurel?



Hello people. If you look at the title, you’d probably say it has nothing to do with hopscotch… but it does. I made a project for you guys to check out. Hopefully you’ll like it!

Edit: V1.2 is an update that makes the game more self explanatory by the button saying “TAP TO VOTE:” and we also fixed a part of a MAJOR bug. Thank you for the support and notices.


What exactly is it supposed to do?


Oh, well you are supposed to tap the word “Pick:” and then choose Yanny or laural and it will tell you info about what you picked.


Yea I picked yanny and it told me only 47% hear yanny? I can’t spell today. I just woke up lol


It can also be used as a tool to help you hear the word you have trouble hearing.


So it’s implying that only that percent of people can hear that certain word?


If you want to put that way then yes.


Hmm that’s cool


I really like the text animation effects where they fly in and out


I definitely could’ve added a little more.


Looks good to me👍🏻


Also, nice job getting featured :slight_smile:


I hear both you just have to adjust the sound to hear both. But I probably hear yanny the most.


I really like the animation on the project.


its laurel. you all are terrible.



Cool project btw


Me too!

Although @EarlyStudios you should have the word START in the beginning instead of PICK. Otherwise people (like me) would think you could touch a word then and there to pick. Just saying.


Yanny :exploding_head::triumph::exploding_head::triumph::exploding_head::exploding_head::triumph::triumph::exploding_head::triumph::exploding_head::triumph::triumph::triumph::exploding_head::exploding_head::triumph::triumph::exploding_head:


Well, if you really want to be technical, yes, it’s Laurel. However, I (and most of my friends) hear Yanny.


its laurel. you all are terrible.