Yankees Team Topic for @Ella13's MLB Contest! :D



This is the topic where we shall discuss about projects, and also get encouragement from other team members. I will choose what event you are going to be in, so don't be mad. Thank you for your time.
Pixel art: @AwesomeNachos
Trail art: @RobotPro
Sin and cos: @FoodDelivery
Coolest background: @Potter_Head
Coolest game: @RubyStars

ends October 3nd. GET YO CODE ON.


Ok! Do I start making the project now or wait?


Start now. :DDDDDDDDD


Can i join?? I have some projects ready


Thank you so much for picking me! When is it due? Im starting right now.


Do I make it in any particular theme?

If no I wanna do the cat:


Sure! Ask @Ella13, and if she allows you, I CHOOSE YOU!



No, it doesn't. :DDDDD


Okay! Thanks! Sorry for so many questions! :stuck_out_tongue:


It's okey! You have AMAZING trail art skills. :DD


Thanks! :blush:

(Now I better get back so work. I've only done the rim of the cup. :0 )


Oh no I'm terrible at games XD
Thanks for choosing me! :D


This is the link to where to turn ur project in

Please Folow the directions from turning ur project in

The deadline is 5;00 pm on October 3rd. I know it said October 2nd but I Changed it


I have a strength in doing trail arts but I can do anything basically :smiley:

How i rate myself:
Trail art: 9/10
Pixel art: 8/10
Sin and cos: 7.5/10
Coolest background: 1/10
Coolest game 7.5/10


hey! 3rd of october is my birthday!


That'll give you more reason to remember! XD


so am I doing sin and cos? or what?


@AwesomeNachos hello? If i am doing sin and cos i will post donuts made of them


I hope this doesn't sound offensive:
When I recruited my players, I checked their profiles to see what their strength was. @RobotPro's trail art is simply AMAZING :wink:. Yours is too! :D And s/he's already started, as you can see up there. Now ask your self these questions:

Have you made at least 2 games?

Have you done 1 sin and cosine project?

Have you made 2 pixel arts?

If the answers are all yes, then I can switch you with one of the categories. :D


Two games: Incoming Cars and Line Dodge
one sin and cos: Yummy Cake...
Two pixel arts: Nyan Cat and Pikachu