Yandere Simulator Club πŸ’” (Free cake+Octodogs) (breakfast will be Kokona fried chicken and Oka cola) (pretty much dead now :P)


So, I have decided to make a club for fans of Yandere simulator! We will make coded projects, and much more. If your not a fan or dislike the game, just ignore the topic. It will make things much easier. Yes, I have SBYP. We may make an account in the future. Also, don’t talk about anything inappropriate. We want to keep this nice.




Rest in pepperoni





I'm DEFENITLY in this


Of course I'll join
ys is life


There's free cake and octodogs? :0
Will there also be kokona fried chakin and oka cola


Tommorows breakfast will be konona fried chicken and Oka cola. Maybe some sleepy girl koolaid too.


I'm here c:


@UndertaleTacoz, anyone else that's on the forum that likes Yandere sim?


Do you watch Kubz Scouts???


Why yes yes I do :smirk:


I do :3


YES YES YES YES YESSSSS!1!1!!1!!!!!!1!!!


Can we code octo-dogs????


We should!
Should we create a collab account?


YEAH! ( ^Ο‰^ ) ( Β΄ β–½ ` )οΎ‰(^_βˆ’)βˆ’β˜†


Maybe, but how would we share the pass?


OMG yes.


Yeah bro! I'm getting waaaay to excited over this xD