Y'all did an amazing job



Yes yes, the title was to attract you guys. But I have something important to say

Our forum is falling apart. When I first joined, it was a place to get help and get to know other hopscotchers better. Everyone was happy, everyone was equal. But now, it seems that the forum has turned into more of a social media. There are lots of off topic posts, and lots of off topic topics, which no one cares about it because they like it. It used to be a place to get help, and I liked it that way.
Take The drawing topic. It's completely off topic, yet no one cares. We even made 5 of the topics! But when one person posts a topic like "what's your favorite tv show?" Everyone explodes. And if a popular person posts something off topic, no one cares. But if a non-popular person does, everyone says "that's off topic, I'm flagging". The forum is now basically a social media, and I don't like it. You guys probably didn't even bother to look at this topic because it wasn't made by someone popular. If someone popular made the same exact topic, everyone would go into that topic. I'm not complaining that I'm so unpopular, I'm just showing that There's almost a hierarchy here

Also, we need the leaders and mods back. ever since all the mods and leaders got demoted, the forum has been a mess. Everyone's fighting, so many inappropriate posts, and it just collapsed. The leaders and mods are what held us together, but now we're shattered. The glue that held us together has disappeared, and we're a mess. I know we have THT, but they can't moderate as much as the hopscotcher leaders and mods.
Now, when I first joined, we only had two Mods, @BuildASnowman and @t1_hopscotch But one was enough, there weren't many people. But the amount of people has grown so much, and now we have less mods than when the forum started. That makes no sense.

Why can't we just go back to what the forum used to be? A happy place to ask for help, not a kids social media?


True.Even if I am new here,I only use the forum to ask for help,or to help someone.Also,this is a forum,everyone have freedom to talk whatever they want to.




My forum anniversary was yesterday, and I kinda agree with you. I think we need more moderation here, and I know plenty of people who would make great leaders/moderators


Actually 5 drawing topics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even though the mods were demoted, for something they did "wrong" I still feel like it would be cleaner here and not all this drama and junk.


Why not use the omtl?


I agree, we need more moderation. THT also isn't on during the weekends, so even if someone is just spam-flagging for no reason, a topic could get closed by system.
And the off-topic posts. I agree with you on that. People are less likely to flag if the post is made by someone well-known, or someone they want to notice them and have a good impression of them.
I admit, I can sometimes be one of those people. I know it's not right, and I'll try to change.



I agree. When I first joined, there were no flame wars and only BAS was a mod (other than tht)
Now that there are no hopscotch peeps as mods, everything went..


my anniversary is in 2 days woohoo


Actually they are just not on as much


Yeah, I wouldn't call it more like social media, its just really messy and chaotic right now...


I'm pretty sure Liza said the drawing topic was ok




I think a lot of people just base what topics to go into based on the title, not the user.

Well, there were much less people on the forum then.

Not completely (challenges and drawings based on HS), but this is pretty futile to what you're saying.

Well, there actually is. The posts less so though, because I've seen a bunch of flagged posts from "popular" people from off-topicness and stuff.

Yeah, the mods are what hid the inappropriate posts…

This is pretty nitpicky, but there were actually two: t1 and BAS…

Overall, I agree though.


Ok, I'll add t1


I agree that we should have Leaders and Mods, but not now yet.
When the time is right, THT should consider about promoting Regulars who definitely deserve the Leader badge and Leader powers.
About the drawing topic, I think it should keep going. Because that topic is really fun! And art is part of how I express myself, so #ILuvDrawingTopik
It is true that some people are biased towards popular and non-popular people.


I was gonna quote this and write what I agreed and disagreed with, but now that I think of it, I agree with everything in your post! You make some really great facts, and although I do kinda disagree with some of your OPINIONS (which is completely fine and we should all still treat each other like real human people and not like robots who can't change their opinions... yes I'm talking about most of the Internet.) as a whole, your post is great! Good job!

Also 17th post on October 17! YAY! :grin: