Y/x>sin(x^3), y/x>tan(x^3)



Just stop it dude. @Aether. Don’t wanna end up in my situation.


At this point I doubt if the mods even look at anything in the forum anymore.


They don’t even have to. It’s the people of the forum’s job to do that now.


With the flag button. Most people should be reasonable. And not have you put banned for 2018-3018…


Only mods can ban you for any length of time that matters. Either way, I have 10+ alt accounts that I can use.


Dang. I used to have an alt account. It got banned for communication outside the forums.


I used to be a rebel those months ago.


No offense, but I find it difficult to take advice from someone who still likes fnaf


They look at it. Or at least my posts, 60% of them go pendant. And I am a half-normie.


Thank you for flagging that reply I made.


I didn’t flag you. I’m not THAT hypocritical


Idc. I’m thanking whoever did it.


no, they do. @amelia told me she reported someone to the hopscotch team and they got suspened.


For some reason the only accounts that I have that have had anything happen to them is Eric


hey xse wannabe

down to the river


Xse wannabe? Really? That’s your best insult?


i have worst, but unlike you I have morals.


Everyone has morals. The difference is that mine are better than yours.




then why are you marring a kid’s forum with your sorry excuse for edge