Today, my mom said that I have to delete hopscotch, because it seems to be social media. I am sorry, and I now can't tell my friends on hopscotch because I already deleted it. If you see this, please tell Starclan Studios, MemorableChicken, FizzPoP Studios, Bluechips, and Blazestar:zap:️. GOODBYE HOPSCOTCH!!!


You could show her all the amazing things that are going on in hopscotch! You could show her what you can do, and what others have coded!


I already did. The problem is, I have been chatting so it would ruin it.:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Oh that's terrible what if you tell them it is educational you code stuff?


This is exactly what's going to happen if Hopscotch keeps going the way it is
I'm so sorry @TheGreatDetective1 :frowning:


They already know that it is. I downloaded it for school and just kept on playing. There's nothing I can do:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:. I feel like my hands are tied.


Yeah. Maybe I/we could tell the hopscotch them about this problem. What if people could choose if their account is private or not?


I'm so sorry you're awesome :sob::sob::sob::sob:


That would kinda ruin the point of Hopscotch, as this is a chance to learn from others :confused:


Thank you!:smile::sob: Did someone tell those people for me?


That is true.:frowning::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


Oh no! this is terrible to hear D:
If I can do anything to help, just notify me. I'll be glad to. I hate to see Hopscotchers leave :frowning: (Especially when they are awesome Hopscotchers!)


No!!!! I really want you to stay!!


Goodbye :frowning:


Did you tell them? Please do.


Can you tell them? Please.?


I don't know those people. I'm sorry.


Oh, can you look them up?


Who do you want us to tell? The Hopscotch Team?


tell Starclan Studios, MemorableChicken, FizzPoP Studios, Bluechips, and Blazestar:zap:️