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Ask away or just chat!


This is my newest project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybk509op0


Hey are u new??!
Ps: that project is AWESOME!


Mm what's ur favorite color,thing on hopscotch,shape,thing to do,what's ur username on hopscotch?!


Thx! My username on Hopscotch is XxLuckyxX, one of my favorite projects is going to be CloudyCoding Studios's project that has stuff like TH1S:), my favorite color is probably sky blue, I don't have a favorite shape​:sweat_smile: And my favorite thing to do is probably play tennis or play video games (such as Hopscotch).


Tag me anytime you want help!


Thanks! I really appreciate it! I would've replied earlier but since I'm a new user it limits it for me :smile:


Oh yeah that happens when you're new.

That's fine!


Oh and you're welcome :slight_smile:


New update​:smile: I might not post any new projects for a while only because I'm working on a... (spoilers) An Umbreon pixel art! There's like 20 something lines of it and I've only had enough time to do 4-5 lines. My friend pikachu​:blush: actually taught me all the pixel art on my account.. soo credit for making it goes to her cause I couldn't have made that without her​:smile::smile: